1) A comprehensive roadmap to develop, launch & grow your first three MARGIN-FRIENDLY DIGITAL products.

2) All the training, tools & detailed workflows you and your team need to execute said roadmap.


A deep understanding in:

+ How to build a lasting & trusted brand online.

+ How to develop highly-effective & impactful eLearning products.

+ How to sell & scale eLearning products at every price-point with proven & non-sleazy marketing practices.

Frameworks & hands-on coaching for:

How to turn your previous content into eLearning product outlines & scripts.

How to apply the best eLearning financial and accounting practices.

How to create eLearning products from the outlining to the production and post-production process.

How to launch “product priming” campaigns that build your email list & social channels.

How to craft sales pages, copy & campaigns that stay true to your brand, but convert fans into customers.

How to leverage your existing relational network to do joint ventures & affiliate product launches.