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What is a Momentum Mastermind™?

A Mastermind (group) is a gathering named after its guiding principle: that when two or more come together with a shared goal and intention to help each other, they generate a creative energy that empowers solutions and accelerates growth.

Napolean Hill called this phenomenon the “third mind.”

We refer to this as the “momenta effect”—or collective momentum—and when well cultivated, it’s rocket fuel for personal and professional growth.

A Momentum Mastermind™ is the opportunity to create this momenta effect with 7-11 others for the next six months—with the shared intention of creating exponential momentum around each other’s businesses, income generation or creative projects.

Why a mastermind?

After years of developing education models, we’ve concluded that there is no better model to create actual transformation and results than a small group of mutually committed individuals with a common creed and intention.

Though seminars, coaching & therapy have their place, they fail to provide the depth of advocacy, accountability & catalytic focus that a well curated mm group does—all instrumental elements needed to create sustainable results.

Why an Momentum Mastermind vs a normal one?

Two things set MM’s apart. 

One: Our “formula” for momentum.

There are several ways to get momentum behind what you’re doing in the world. But very few of them support both professional and personal growth. The “formula” we’ve developed does.

Physics defines Momentum as [power or mass] x [velocity]. As it relates to both professional and personal momentum, we have come to know it as: [clarity] x [alignment].

There’s nothing more powerful, personally and professionally, than getting crystal clear about what we want, who we are (and aren’t) and what we’re creating. 

There’s also nothing more effective in creating velocity than us staying radically aligned to that power.

We’ve seen the exponential results this equation creates, regardless of industry or focus, and we stay relentless in our pursuit of it together.

And TWO: A culture of Advocacy.

You can get good methodologies and processes that work in a book. You can also find accountability and inspiration in any mastermind or group environment. 

But nothing can produce results like a well-crafted culture of empowerment among peers—which is what we’re most committed to cultivating. 

A culture collectively committed to:

Presence, not protection.

Prosperity, not limitation.

Advocacy, not competition.

Honesty, not shame.

Faith, not fear.

A new story, not an old one.

This culture is the gasoline on the already lit fire when it comes to creating as much momentum behind growth, financially & personally, as possible.

How do I join a MM?