A Note from the CEO...


Thanks for stopping by, sincerely.

I'd love to give you a quick snap shot of the history of Advocate and perhaps why we do what it is we do.

1985. I'm born into a family with a father who builds empires for influencers. I watch him over the course of 18 years at home take the dreams inside of thought leaders and make them a reality. It never failed to amaze me. 

2008. I meet an author who just launched a self-published book. I offer to help him ship boxes of them out of a garage in southern California. This book, The Shack, becomes the "Haley's Comet" of the publishing world and sells over 25 million copies. Thankfully, I eventually fired myself and didn't have to ship 25 million books out of a garage. Yet, the grassroots view of success in the midst of a dying publishing industry postured me for something.

2010. I try my hand at digital marketing, pick up a few small businesses as clients and learn as I go, mostly by mistakes.

2013. I write my first article for an editorial magazine online. It struck a chord with a couple people, shared very well and invited the attention of a couple publishers. I put ink to paper with one of them and officially had my first taste of the power of building a platform online.

2014, pt 1. I build my email list from 2500 to 35,000, launch a mediocre book and completely burn out in the process. I had NO idea it took this much time and energy and work to do the things necessary to launch a book these days.

2014, pt 2. I transition my digital marketing agency into a platform building one. Why? Because publishers or publicists don't sell books or products anymore. Platforms do. And, accordingly to my experience, it takes a village to raise a platform, not just an individual.

2014, pt 3. I send a couple emails to friends and next thing you know, I have some of my favorite authors in the world on my roster. 

2015. We put a book on the Times list, build seven different platforms and start to see an rockstar team come together under this common cause.

2016. I introduce the audit > roadmap > consult model to influencers with established internal teams. The model works and offers better numbers for everyone involved. I make the jump from a service-based business to to a consulting model and now have the privilege to be advising some of the greatest content creators in the world.

I'm rambling. But let's be clear on a handful of things...

1) Marketing has changed. 

2) Publishers don't sell books anymore. Publicists don't sell movies anymore. Distributors don't sell products anymore. Platforms do.

3) Building a platform is about the art and science of creating a connection with an audience online. This takes time and money and energy and most of all, a team. 

I've built ADVOCATE to decrease the time and money and energy needed to invest in this process and consider a great joy to be able to work with the current roster of partners we're able to.

Don't hesitate to reach out. I'd love to explore if we're a good fit for you.