“How do I start building a business around my message online?”


It’s a question I’ve recently been asked too many times to ignore.

The typical answer would be to “go build an audience.”

But I can’t give that answer … at least not with good conscience. Mostly because I know how much of an  non-reciprocating lover that tribe-building is—taking your time, energy & money and rarely returning it to you. ;)

My answer is three “simple” steps...

1) Develop a process. (What journey are you leading a customer on?)

2) Launch a LIVE product. (And yes, this involves learning how to market & sell online)

3) Grow a customer base. (Not an audience of fans)

This approach does several strategic things VERY quickly.

→ Gets you to market & builds revenue to reinvest into growth.

→ Allows you to test & iterate your message & process.

→ Build a RELEVANT audience (aka customer base) vs wasting time growing an irrelevant one.

→ Gathers social proof & results around your product, empowering your next launch exponentially.


Rather than just continue to give this advice, I decided to launch a process to help you take these steps!

The Authorpreneur Launchpad! 

During this 6 week process, we’ll be relentlessly focused on...

→ Developing your process behind the product. (Clarifying & differentiating your highest impact work)

→ Building an acutely relevant audience. (Cultivate an email list & Ad Data)

→ Launching your course. (Market, sell, get money in the door, test process & gather social proof)

Apply below & we can hop on a quick call to explore if this is a good fit for you.

Get in & let's go...


(Next round starts on 11.1.18)




"I literally can’t imagine NOT working with Ty! His clear strategy, practical tools and uncomplicated methods have been instrumental in us building our online brand and business. ... He accelerated our growth in a way we didn’t even know was possible. Within the first 45 days of working with him, we easily 10x’d our investment!”

Author, Speaker and Founder of Truth to Table

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"Ty helped me turn my genius into a very profitable business online! The best part is that it requires no more than 1 hour per week from me. His expertise of creating products, campaigns and systems has been incredibly empowering to me. I get to continue to play my game and stay true to myself, but it’s now done in an effective and strategic way that earns me sustainable income!"

Author, Comedian and Founder of PremiumAF


"Tyler and his team are extremely skilled in understanding what it is that you’re wanting to accomplish and helping you build a strategy that unveils like a GPS guiding you through unfamiliar territory.”

Author, Speaker and Founder of The Life Academy


(Next round starts on 11.1.18)