“How do I start building a business around my message online?”


It’s a question I’ve recently been asked too many times to ignore.

The typical answer would be to “go build an audience.”

But I can’t give that answer … at least not with good conscience. Mostly because I know how much of an  non-reciprocating lover that tribe-building is—taking your time, energy & money and rarely returning it to you. ;)

My answer is three “simple” steps...

1) Develop a process. (What journey are you leading a customer on?)

2) Launch a LIVE product. (And yes, this involves learning how to market & sell online)

3) Grow a customer base. (Not an audience of fans)

This approach does several strategic things VERY quickly.

→ Gets you to market & builds revenue to reinvest into growth.

→ Allows you to test & iterate your message & process.

→ Build a RELEVANT audience (aka customer base) vs wasting time growing an irrelevant one.

→ Gathers social proof & results around your product, empowering your next launch exponentially.


Rather than just continue to give this advice, I decided to launch a process to help you take these steps!

The Authorpreneur Launchpad! 

During this 6 week process, we’ll be relentlessly focused on...

→ Developing your process behind the product. (Clarifying & differentiating your highest impact work)

→ Building an acutely relevant audience. (Cultivate an email list & Ad Data)

→ Launching your course. (Market, sell, get money in the door, test process & gather social proof)

Apply below & we can hop on a quick call to explore if this is a good fit for you.

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