”ADVOCATE builds a strategy that unveils
like a GPS guiding you through unfamiliar territory.”

ADVOCATE has given us guidance to enable us to connect with a more diverse market. Tyler is excellent in his approach and style of marketing. What I most appreciate is his wisdom, experience, and above all, his focus to keep our eyes on the goal...

- Graham Cooke

Speaker, Author, Founder of Brilliant Perspectives
I am deeply grateful to Tyler and his team who have been essential participants in the ‘brain trust’ and providing strategic mind-fullness to the content that I create.

- Wm. Paul Young

Author of The Shack
Tyler, ADVOCATE’s director, is the guide every influencer has been looking for. His ability to create a roadmap for a vision to become a reality is world class. He also happens to be a pretty good hang.

- Brandon Hawk

Speaker, Executive Coach
Tyler, ADVOCATE CEO, is a growth hacker—able to produce and place content in a way that maximizes its reach and impact.

- Jeff Goins

Bestselling Author, Marketer
Warning: ADVOCATE has a unique ability to inspire creativity in others and mobilize teams into action. If you are looking to build something full of beauty and meaning, as well as have a blast along the way—I highly recommend them as a partner, resource, or friends for the journey.

- Derek Schujahn

Fmr Director of YMCA America
ADVOCATE doesn’t just execute well, they care about people’s success. Tyler is one of the most genuine guys I’ve ever met. I’d recommend them to anyone lucky enough to get to work with them.

- Joel Widmer

Speaker, Marketer