Throughout the course of any given month, I end up sending a couple dozen emails to friends or clients with some sort of marketing perspective or support. Most times, this advice is solicited. Other times, random & borderline annoying, I'm sure. :)

Regardless, it always comes back to helping an influencer get one step closer to one of three end goals.

+ To personalize their presence online.

+ To maximize their presence online.

+ Or to monetize their presence online.


I thought I’d save some time & perhaps some inbox shock by sending an occasional email sharing marketing strategies, resources, science, tactics, stories, psychology, case studies, and anything else that I've picked up along the way that I think may help.

You're receiving this email as one of a select list of individuals, all of which are either directly influencing online or helping those that do. I've included you under the assumption that the insight being passed is helpful or at the very least, enjoyable for you to read.

If I've assumed wrong, of course feel free to unsubscribe from the last email.

If I've assumed correctly, here are a few ramblings you can expect in the future...

  • Book trailers: the good, bad & useful.
  • Is blogging antiquated?
  • Inboxes: important, but delicate.
  • Why you don't need an eCourse, but should want one.
  • I may even throw in some well-intentioned, yet embarrassing fails that would make you wonder why you’re taking marketing advice from this guy. ;)

Hope it helps!

*This is a private list. If you would like to be included, email me here & tell me why.