Spend the next 3-6 months installing the 4 cornerstones of online influence, impact & profitability.


In the interest of not wasting anyone’s time, I’d love to tell you who this process is designed for and who it is NOT designed for.

This Offer is Designed For:

• Authors, Speakers or Leaders with active 6-to-8-figure earning careers offline that want to transition their influence and/or generate revenue online.

Examples: Danny Silk / Lisa & John Bevere / David Bach

• Impact-driven Organizations of 5-100 employees that want to transition to and/or scale what their doing online.

Example: Global Awakening / Brilliant Perspectives

Influencers with brand momentum online wanting to monetize with digital & coaching products.

Example: JP Sears / Havilah Cunnington / Christa Black Gifford

This Offer is NOT For:

• Leaders, influencers or organizations who are just getting started, and haven’t accumulated any momentum as a brand offline or on.

• Leaders, influencers or organizations who don’t care about the results their clients get. (Our strategies are built on giving a damn and a relentless commitment to results)

• Leaders, influencers or organizations who aren’t who they present themselves to be and feel dodgy in any way.



Everything we do together will revolve around the 4 Cornerstones of a Brand…

When it comes to our online adventures with clients over the last half-decade, we’ve spent a lot of time deducing the critical ingredients of any successful impact-driven brand online—and refining the nuanced implementation of each.

We have come to know them as the 4 cornerstones and when installed as a brand’s ‘operating system,’ exponential growth seems to come far more effortlessly.

1) A Brand that Guides.

2) Marketing that Nurtures.

3) A Product Stack that Reciprocates.

4) A Sales Approach that Relates.

The installation and updating of this 4-part OS is our highest impact work & without a doubt what we’d be focused on doing for your brand, together.



Meet JP Sears…

JP launched a business that requires 1 hour-a-week and has 85% profit margins!

JP had built a social media following from his satirical videos but hadn’t yet been able to turn it into a sustainable business.

We partnered with him to craft & launch a subscription-based community that generates a predictable 5-figure check every month with 85% profit margins—and requires one-hour per week of JP's time!


Meet Havilah Cunnington & Truth to Table…

Havilah launched an online university & “10x'd her investment in 3 months!”

Havilah came to us while dependent on another job entirely.

We helped her relaunch & grow her subscription-based learning community to over 2000 members & launch several courses. She's since quit her job, is no longer dependent on book sales and has been able to grow her full-time team to over 5 members!


Meet Graham Cooke & Brilliant Perspectives…

Graham and his organization Brilliant Perspectives launched a Premium Channel that pays predictable high-5-figure monthly checks.

Graham was looking to spend more time at home and have a deeper impact with his audience. Now he’s speaking less than 10 times-a-year and collecting high-five-figure checks every month from his subscription-based premium channel with 3000+ members that boasts a 90%+ retention rate!

Ty and his team are extremely skilled in understanding what it is that you’re wanting to accomplish and helping you build a strategy that unveils like a GPS guiding you through unfamiliar territory.