Build a Business Around Your Writing:

Devote 90 days to turning your platform & message into a business & launching your cornerstone product online.

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Get off the hamster wheel of waiting for the next publishing deal.

Don't get stuck in the tribe-building game.

And avoid the wasted money, energy & time on agencies & the ever-popular "throw stuff at a wall" approach online.

I've spent the last 6 years helping thought-leaders create & launch businesses around their message (all of which do 6- or 7-figures) ... and I want to give you the fast track to owning your niche & creating profitable, sustainable impact online.

Hence, the Advocate Accelerator.

We do for thought-leaders what a Silicon Valley accelerator does for tech companies: Bring a tribe of experienced mentors & proven strategies together to launch an online university around your message.

This is an opportunity to partner with me & my team to launch and grow a sustainable, profitable business online—one course or subscription-community at a time.

Below, I share more about what this relationship could look like.

But first, I'd love to introduce you to a few leaders I've partnered with in the past. My hunch is that their stories will resonate—and inspire you!


Meet Havilah, speaker & first-time author...

She launched an online university & 10x'd her investment in 3 months!


Havilah came to us while dependent on another job entirely.

We helped her relaunch & grow her subscription-based learning community to over 2000 members & launch several courses. She's since quit her job, is no longer dependent on book sales and has been able to grow her full-time team to over 5 members!

Here's what she had to say about working together...


Meet JP Sears, Author & Comedian...

He launched a business that requires 1 hour-a-week and has 85% profit margins!


JP had built a social media following from his satirical videos but hadn’t yet been able to turn it into a sustainable business.

We partnered with him to craft & launch a subscription-based community that generates a predictable 5-figure check every month with 85% profit margins—and requires one-hour per week of JP's time!

Here are a few thoughts he was kind enough to share about our partnership...



He launched an online university & added 9 lucrative, evergreen revenue streams to his organization!

Ty and his team are extremely skilled in understanding what it is that you’re wanting to accomplish and helping you build a strategy that unveils like a GPS guiding you through unfamiliar territory.

He launched the The Life Academy—an eLearning University—and quickly went from an email list of 4000 and zero online revenue streams to a list of over 70,000, nine margin-rich eCourses and a subscription-based learning community.



He launched a Premium Channel that pays predictable high-5-figure monthly checks.

Graham was looking to spend more time at home and have a deeper impact with his audience. Now he’s speaking less than 10 times-a-year and collecting high-five-figure checks every month from his subscription-based premium channel with 3000+ members that boasts a 90%+ retention rate!


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Partner with us for the next 90-days to...



We guide you in developing & launching a Course, Subscription Community or Online University that doesn't just sell well, but actually creates the intended impact.

We then design a list-building & product-launch campaign that promises immediate sales & long-term sustainability.



Marketing in our noisy digital landscape is not about implementing another good campaign. It’s about dominating an idea or niche online.

Our product launch campaign is intended to not just deliver sales, but help you own your niche online to launch future products off of.



We don't just want to help you launch a product. We want to help you launch a 6- or 7-figure business.

We deliver a clear, tailored, and executable roadmap with all the training, tools and detailed workflows you and your team need to launch additional products & exponentially scale.


What is the Advocate Accelerator?

: An opportunity to partner with me and my team of experts for the next 90-days to architect, develop and launch a course, subscription or program — and build a foundation for your sustainable, 6- or 7-figure business!

This is a high-touch consulting process with access to seven different mentors, a dedicated partner and myself to guide you.

It ensures you avoid wasted resources, use proven strategies & accelerate the process of getting your business off the ground.

Here's what you'll walk away with...


What do I walk away with?

1) Everything you need to create & launch a Course, Subscription Community or Online University that supports your impact, financial & lifestyle goals…

With a profusion of product model options at your fingertips, we don’t look for just ANY way to build a business online. We look for models with the highest amount of leverage, profit-margin & congruence considering YOUR goals. The goal here is to keep you in your sweet spot as an influencer, while giving your business every opportunity to scale!

During our 90 days together, we will...

+ Cut through the endless options available and identify the product models that best fit your goals. Our goal is to help you build a business around YOU & what you want in this next season.

+ Identify & roadmap 3 products you want to launch over the next 12-18 months BUT focus on getting ONE developed and launched during our 90-days together.

+ Get clear about the “10 P’s” every product needs, including everything from the patron & their problem to the product personality, process & proof. This clarity sets the stage for every step of product development & marketing!

+ Help you 80/20 the pre-production & production process of a product with our experience, the right tools & process workflows. With so many options, we make this process seamless with as little wasted time and money, as possible.

+ Streamline the product set-up process with the right platform, software stack & every tool needed to launch & scale. With literally thousands of options for platforms & tools, we give you the best 1-2 for every step & assist in setting it up.

+ And more...

2) A Product Launch Campaign designed for both short-term revenue & long-term impact…

We install an approach to marketing and selling online that is not just focused on short-term conversion & sales numbers, but is designed for lasting, profitable impact! 

During our 90 days together, we will...

+ Develop a comprehensive product launch campaign tailored to you, your offering & your audience. Our goal in this is to combine proven marketing tactics with the uniqueness of your product to create as much relevant attention & conversion as possible.

+ Craft all sales assets needed for the launch and ongoing promotion.

+ Make your marketing evergreen & create an automated sales system to be kept on long after your initial launch.

+ And more...

3) A clear, tailored, and executable roadmap with all the training, tools and detailed workflows you and your team need to exponentially scale your business online…

We are focused on developing and launching one product during our 90 days together. However, in stage one of the process, we also identify  your “ideal” product stack: 3 eLearning products to launch over the next 18 months.

During our 90 days together, we will…

+ Identify and additional 2 “ideal” products for you to launch over the next 12-18 months.

+ Give you the workflows, tools & frameworks to scale your first product & launch your second and third products!

+ Make your marketing evergreen & create an automated sales system for each product to be kept on long after your initial launch.

+ And more...

4) The Clarity, Confidence, Understanding & Momentum needed to launch & scale an eLearning business...

Yes, you'll get all the practical frameworks, tools, training & workflows needed to launch an eLearning product stack. However, if you walk away with these four things, sustainability isn't an option. 

During our 90 days together, we will CULTIVATE…

+ Clarity: You know exactly where you’re headed, and you’re armed with a roadmap unveiling every step of the way.

+ Confidence: You have a deep belief in yourself, the value of your offering to the world, in your team and in this roadmap. This deep level of belief wakes you up in the morning excited and clear.

+ Understanding: You and your team have everything you need to implement each aspect of workflow and tactics on your roadmap.

+ Momentum: You will feel the alignment and results in quick success upon launch!

Do I need an audience to qualify for the Accelerator?

The Accelerator is designed for influencers with some momentum behind audience building. However, we do have a scaled-down version focused-entirely on audience building. Simply apply below to get more information.

Is this a Done For You Service, a Course or Consulting?

The accelerator is a done-WITH-you process. 

You and/or your team will engage with training curriculum that you'll have lifetime access to AND be meeting weekly with my team to partner, mentor & train you in how to best build & implement.


If you're committed to building a 6- or 7-Figure leader-centric business...

fill out this short assessment to see if you're a good fit for the Accelerator!